freestyle ski's ATOMIC TROOPER, woodcore, TWINTIP + Atomic XTE 10
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Atomic XTE 10
Voor wie:
Unisex / Heren
Type ski:
Twintip / All mountain / All round / Freeride / Freestyle
Type skiër:
Beginner / Recreatief / Gevorderde

Randen en belag in perfecte staat.

It’s time to step your game up into the next realm of progressing your skills in and out of the park. The Atomic Trooper Skis come at you in a friendly width, cap construction, and Resist Edge to make everything on the mountain that much easier. Land that new trick, grease that rail, and send it like you never have with the comfort of the Atomic Trooper.

-Cap Fiber: the classic shell construction ensures great performance even with entry models.